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Agronomy and Seed
AgVantage Agronomy & Seed
Planning and managing orders, inventory and more.

AgVantage Agronomy

AgVantage® Agronomy helps you take care of your customers’ full agronomy needs. Start with the field planning, fertilizer blending, chemical tracking, dispatching & GPS mapping, to the billing and payment process. The software supports price levels, prepay and booking contracts, discounts, and everything you need to provide full service to your growers.

EDGE Agronomy

The EDGE Agronomy software provides field planning services to assist your growers in determining spring, summer and fall needs. Order assignments can be made and are accessible for applicators

  • Lock in business and forecast inventory with contract prices and discounts
  • Record start date/time of application and provides items used and available to be used on the order
  • Record quantities and field conditions from the field to then be billed
  • Track fertilizer blending, chemical useage, seed orders & replacements
  • Dispatch with GPS mapping for efficient deliveries
  • Connect with AgVantage Invoicing and Accounting for full order processing

Integrates with:

  • Inventory Management
  • AgVantage Grain Bank to keep track of customers’ grain used for feed
  • AgVantage Invoicing for direct billing on their account
  • eAgVantage for customers to see feed purchases and account balance 24/7

Interfaces with WEM and Repete automated blenders for exporting orders and importing actual manufactured ingredients. Great for inventory management and actual product billing and/or margin analysis.

AgVantage Seed

AgVantage® Seed handles all the aspects of a Company or Independent Seed Dealer. From the planning process, electronic seed orders and receiving, inventory control, dispatching deliveries, replacement products, to work orders and billing. A very flexible system linked directly with AgVantage Invoicing & AgGateway.


The EDGE Seed module assists retailers with managing Grower Seed Orders, managing product in Seed Warehouses, and tracking inventory efficiently. We have also partnered with Seed Manufacturers to simplify day to day processes.

Edge Seed Grower Plans

  • Create Grower Plans with access to all seed items, up to date pricing, discounts, product availability, and on hand inventory
  • Apply treatments and substitutions to grower orders when they happen
  • View product availability with manufacturers
  • Submit grower orders and transfers from Edge Seed to manufacturer
  • Provide seed quotes to growers and use them to create prepay or bookings contracts

AgVantage PC Seed Dispatching

Create work orders from grower plans or create “on the fly” seed work orders. Dispatch full or partial orders and continue to track discounts from original grower plan. This also provides the ability to scan seed products and track lot numbers in inventory.

eAgVantage Seed Inventory

Seed Inventory via eAgVantage lets you see all of your seed items quickly and easily with drill down capabilities into the plans. Web access provides you with this information at your fingertips.

AgGateway Interface

A software Interface with AgGateway is available to use with AgVantage Seed Inventory program. Automatically add manufacturer items and seed shipments received with automatic price updates.

AgVantage Agronomy
Business Intelligence

AgVantage BI Agronomy includes geographic sales analytics, customer spending history, and nutrient tracking analysis to target growth opportunities, and improve your customers’ yields and prices. A tool to improve your business and theirs.

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BI Agronomy

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