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AgVantage Accounting

AgVantage® Accounting Software is fully integrated for a well-rounded Agribusiness System. AgVantage offers a full Inventory system with the option to use handheld devices or electronic invoices from vendors, for P.O's and Receivers to Accounts Payable. Customer accounts and Credit Management offers e-mailing invoices, statements, & contracts with internet access to balances 24/7. Patronage equity is maintained with check writing and 1099 processing electronically and patron access to their accounts online also. Payroll offers direct deposit with emailed check stubs and AgVantage PC Employee Time and Attendance (ETA) features an electronic time clock via mobile devices or PCs. And that is just the beginning!

General Ledger
General Ledger

AgVantage® General Ledger fully automates the necessary GL posting steps as transactions occur, meaning your financial data is up-to-date with each merge.

  • Allows account numbers up to 18 characters long
  • Post to prior months and years when those months are open
  • Has sub-accounting capabilities
  • Shows quantities in ledger account views and reports
  • Allows reversing and recurring journal entries

Financial Statements
Financial Statements

Up-to-date and available 24/7 in various formats and by company, location, and department.

  • Month to month and year to year comparisons
  • Budget, prior year, and current year available
  • Drill down to transaction detail

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable

AgVantage® AP has the tools you need to track unpaid bills, utilize discounts, analyze purchase trends, and effectively manage the cash flow needs of your business.

  • Forecast cash flow with open invoice inquiry
  • Pay invoices by due date to utilize discounts
  • Validates invoice numbers to avoid duplicate payments
  • Pull Purchase Orders & Inventory Receivers into A/P invoices electronically
  • Email payment stubs to vendors
  • Bank Reconciliation and manage multiple bank accounts
  • Inquire into history by vendor, item, check number or invoice
  • Interfaces to Positive Pay, Wells Fargo, Harris Bank and Bank of America
  • Automatic ACH available


AgVantage® Inventory offers live and accurate inventory in summary and detail.

  • Transfers between locations are fast and easy and accessible via AgVantage Invoicing
  • FIFO, Average, Last and Standard Cost valuations available
  • Item Numbers are alpha/numeric and 15 characters long
  • UPC codes, discounts, price levels, margins all by item
  • Vendor item numbers and purchase factors by vendors
  • Immediate purchase order processing and pull into inventory receiver
  • Inventory balances and history of sales and purchases by month
  • Reorder points & automatic reorders by vendor and products, uses minimum/maximum quantity on hand and min/max days supply

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable

AgVantage® AR is a vast resource of customer information for customer relations, billing, sales history, credit management and more.

  • Balance forward or open invoice options by customer
  • Flexible pricing, discounts and credit management
  • ACH balance or set fee from patron’s account
  • Manages prepaid, bookings, deferred, budget & regular accounts
  • Account balance and details easily accessible 24/7
  • Tax reporting for gas tax, sales tax, etc.
  • Sales analysis information available by customer, sales person, account type, etc.

Interfaces with:

  • AgVantage automatic sending of invoices via email in various formats
  • AgVantage automatic sending of statements via email
  • Automated Statement printing and mailing services


AgVantage® Patronage takes care of the unique tracking of sales needed by cooperatives. It handles the tracking and distribution of equity by year, patron’s age or estates. Allow your patrons to view their equity and reprint 1099’s at their convenience.

  • Complete equity and stock balances available online 24/7
  • Refunds based on dollars or quantity, with minimums enforced
  • Handles regional and local equity
  • Prints checks with detailed stub explaining the funds
  • Manages 1099 distribution and sends media directly to the IRS


AgVantage® Payroll is a robust system that manages employees time by department, time off for vacation, sick, PTO, overtime, taxes and various payroll deductions and processes that your business needs to keep your employees paid accurately and on time.

  • Excellent ways to track time off for vacation, sick, PTO, whatever options you offer
  • Manages a variety of deductions for retirement plans, child support, loans, etc
  • Information by department feeds directly to AgVantage GL for accurate financial statements
  • Variety of reports including hours worked, time off, 401K, quarterly and W2 reports
  • Direct deposit of payroll to the bank generates a check stub with deductions, additions, taxes and PTO information easy to see
  • Electronic filing of W-2's and Unemployment for some states
  • Emailing of check stub an optional feature

AgVantage PC ETA (Employee Time & Attendance)

An electronic time clock system that allows employees to clock in via web access, interfaced directly into the Payroll system.

  • Easy 24/7 punch time in/out with internet access
  • View employees in or out any time of day
  • Multiple levels of authority for Admin, Managers, Clients and Kiosk access
  • Users can request time off, changes, print time cards, and more
  • Time calculated to the hundredth of an hour and by department/work code
  • Reports for hours worked and time off plus an auto holiday feature


AgVantage® Investments offers you the ability to track and report customers’ investments into your company. It calculates interest on loans and manages annual and on-demand withdrawals and deposits into each customer’s balance.

AgVantage Finance
Business Intelligence

Intelligent data analytics on your Customer aged accounts, patronage equity, bank covenants, variance analysis, graphical income statement, year over year comparison, and variance analysis. The GAP report is a highlight to identify gaps in ag business with your customers. A sure way to generate business and take care of the full services your customers need. All with secure access to each component.

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